The Annual Art Exhibition and Heritage Exhibit at the Seaside Centre will be held OCTOBER 4 to 20, 2019. The annual exhibition is a “must see” coast event and is a major venue during the 2019 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl Oct 18, 19, 20. Watch this space (or Instagram/Facebook) for more updates about the artists to be presented this year. PUBLIC opening reception Friday October 4 - at the Seaside Centre. See you there!

Check out our VOLUNTEER page if you you would like to help out as an exhibition docent.


2018 - featured nine coast artists in “earth art”with rave reviews!

2018 FEATURED ARTISTS INCLUDED: JANE FORD painting, BETH HAWTHORN ceramics, ELAINE HUNTER photography, MIEKE JAY projection artist, KIM LAFAVE painting, MOTOKO painting, LINDA NARDELLI sculpture, BRIAN ROMER painting and ROBERT STUDER assemblage.

“This opportunity has introduced my work to many more people on the coast and on the mainland. I am overwhelmed by the positive comments about what I do, and the interest in how I create. I know that from being part of “Earth Art” this year, I am known much better here on the coast. Thank you to Diana Robertson and organizing committee for including me. I will now continue with more confidence. “

Elaine Hunter, exhibiting artist, 2018.


2017- ORIGINS, Our families. Our stories

2016- The Art of water


Art Ex IMG_1817 copy FB.jpg

The 2015 curated art exhibition featured ‘multi-disciplinary’ visual and sensory perceptions of how a group of coast-based artists interpret the subject of CEDAR. Influenced by different cultural backgrounds and the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and spirit, visual artists, sculptors, fibre-artists, writers and musicians will come together to collaborate in an “art as process” journey of self and collective discovery


The 2014 MIND OVER MATTER" Art Exhibition was both a ground breaking and record breaking community event.

I can’t help feeling that the Sechelt Arts Festival has quietly walked into an event of historical importance this time around.  This is not an “art for art’s sake” show; it is not created to “wow” the audience—even though the art is there for its own sake and even though, judging by the guest book, the audience is in fact “wowed.”  This is an “art as process” show: the process is not just between cross-cultural artists finding common ground, but the community acquiring a new understanding of itself. Kristjana Gunnars, Mind over Matter exhibiting artist, 2014

Mind Over Matter Opening-6926.jpg

The 2014 “Mind over Matter” ten day ART exhibition explored six unique cross-cultural collaborations between fourteen coast aboriginal and non-aboriginal artists. The show illustrated a variety of “stories,” some personal, some profound and others provocative, while combining traditional and contemporary art and media. Painters collaborated with glass artists, poets, weavers, photographers or wood carvers to tell their stories visually and in words. This special exhibition focused on all new works presented in a dynamic installation-type format. A collaboration greater than the sum of its parts, this unprecedented exhibition, possibly the first of its kind in Canada, delivered a learned experience for the artists, as well as an engaging and educating event for visitors. 

“We are more and more convinced that culture attracts, brings people together, entertains, appeals and impresses. It allows us to bridge the gap between local and international, the specific and the universal. It allows us to exchange and share, counting on the possibility of a dialogue that transcends language and imperfect translations, as well as codes, beliefs, religions and differences.”

Simon Brault: No Culture, No Future.