The Sunshine Coast’s Leading Edge Visual and Performing Arts Festival presents:

 THE STORY OF CEDAR - October 15 - 25, 2015

The 2014 Sechelt Arts Festival was an unprecedented success with innovative cross-cultural collaborative programming and hundreds of positive reviews!

THANK YOU to all of the participants (over 95 artists in 2014), the volunteers, and support crew who made this all possible.

We look forward to another exciting ten day Festival event in October, 2015. Events will be held at various Sechelt venues.

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OCTOBER 2015 highlights

ART & The Six Senses Of Cedar - Art Exhibition

October 15 through to October 25 - Seaside Centre

This experiential art exhibition will feature ‘multi-dimensional’ visual and sensory perceptions of how twelve coast-based artists interpret the subject of CEDAR. Influenced by different cultural backgrounds and the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and spirit, visual artists, sculptors, fibre-artists, writers, musicians, and multi-media artists will come together to collaborate in a journey of self and collective discovery for this special Sunshine Coast community curated art exhibition. 


FLORILÈGE - An evening with international dance artist Margie Gillis 

Canada's iconic dancer/choreographer Margie Gillis performs a special 40th anniversary program at the Raven's Cry Theatre,Saturday October 24

Internationally acclaimed, Montreal-based, solo modern dancer/choreographer, Knight of the Ordre national du Québec and Officer of the Order of Canada, Margie Gillis, in her first appearance on the Sunshine Coast, will present Florilège, an evening of her best solos celebrating 40 years of her professional career. 

Florilège is a journey through time that provides a brief overview of some of Margie’s most emblematic works, presenting a new interpretation of her work, enriched by the veneer of maturity that comes with age and the experience of the dancing body, and in perfect cohesion with the spirit of theatricality that is part and parcel of her dance. Unwaveringly, she continues to develop her craft through experimenting, teaching and creating. She will work with the local dance community through workshops and perhaps a collaborative performance piece presented during her performance.


SACRED - Main Stage performance /multi-media visual art event.

Sechelt Nation Longhouse - October 16&17

SACRED is an artistic journey through the hearts and minds of an artist collective chosen for their skills, resonating insights, and their ability to show us unique perspectives. Working with The Story of Cedar theme, the collaborative visions of first nations and non-aboriginal coast artists and youth performers, will use the universal language of art, music, dance and organically sensual and ethereal special effects to ignite the imagination. This unique vision will come to life in an awe inspiring sacred environment, the longhouse of the shíshálh people, an impressive spiritual place, created with cedar and supported by magnificently carved cedar house poles that tell the origin story of the shíshálh peoples. The SACRED performance will be complimented by a visual art exhibition of shíshálh artists. 

TEXEMAY - The Tree of Life Heritage Exhibit

Tems Swiya Museum- October 15 -25

Exploring the practical past and the present cultural relevance of CEDAR (Texemay) in Coast Salish culture, the “Tree of Life” heritage exhibit will touch on the myriad applications of cedar through storytelling, illustration, photos and video. Hosted in the Sechelt Nation’s tems swiya museum, The “Tree of Life” heritage exhibit will educate and illustrate the importance of the west coast cedar tree in every facet of historical daily aboriginal coast life from carving, to homes, transportation, clothing, music, food, art, ceremony and medicine. A fascinating retrospective that will also address current concerns for conservation of this magnificent west coast natural asset.

PLUS TEN DAYS of AMAZING PROGRAMMING with something for everyone!

A variety of additional activities will be programmed throughout the ten-day festival to complement the Main Stage and heritage events. These will include learning and cultural awareness workshops and lectures, as well as an emerging artists showcase, classical music and family events and an art in the street program.