The Sunshine Coast’s Leading Edge Visual and Performing Arts Festival. October 15-25, 2015

The 2014 Sechelt Arts Festival was an unprecedented success with innovative cross-cultural collaborative programming and hundreds of positive reviews!

THANK YOU to all of the participants (over 95 artists in 2014), the volunteers, and support crew who made this all possible. We look forward to another exciting event in October, 2015.

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MIND over MATTER Art Exhibition 

A ten-day curated Art Exhibition featuring a cross-cultural collaboration between selected coast First Nations and non-aboriginal visual artists. The curated art exhibition will explore historical, contemporary and forward-thinking “stories” via multi-genre, collaborative art installations. The final works will illustrate the process of creative inspiration through to final reconciliation of concept, story, and subject matter. October 16 to 26, 2014.


BODY of LIGHT Premiere Theatre Performance

An entertaining Main Stage theatrical performance based on the transformative nature of physical and spiritual “healing;” the exploration of its contradictions and rituals in today’s society.  Featuring original music, comedy, dance and film, this inspirational production will premiere at the Raven’s Cry Theatre on Saturday, October 25, 2014.


Performances by: Gerardo Avila, Katherine Denham, Maggie Guzzi, Caitlin Hicks and Jean Pierre Makosso.


SPIRIT of SONG Multi-cultural Concert

An uplifting multi-cultural collaboration of SONG featuring some of the Coast’s finest musicians and vocalists. Musical director, pianist, composer and songwriter, Nir Blu and co-director Tamar Koslov will take you on an emotional and extraordinary multi-lingual ride through singing, drumming, storytelling, enchanting instrumental music, throat-singing and dynamic imagery. An evening that is sure to lift your spirits! Saturday October 18, 2014. 


Performances by: Ecko Aleck, Nir Blu, Blue Star, Candace Campo, Andy Johnson & The Sechelt Drum Group, Jean Pierre and Yvette Makosso, Chris and Tim Niebergal, and Simon Paradis.

PLUS TEN DAYS of AMAZING PROGRAMMING with something for everyone!

These ADDITIONAL events will include a variety of learning and cultural awareness opportunities, concerts and street art as well as an Emerging Artists Showcase, Family Day, Passion for Piano Music Day and Totem Tales Heritage Exhibit and museum tour. Over ten special FREE workshops include the art of aboriginal cedar basket weaving, healing through song workshop, clown bootcamp, as well as carving demos, painting and music programs, plus much much more!


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